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Feria de Empleo Odessa

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What documents to bring to the job fair:

Required: Preferred:

Resume TOFEL

Transcript Transcripts-translated and evaluated

Apply online at: https://ectorcountyisd.munisselfservice.com/employmentopportunities/default.aspx

What to do before the job fair:

Documentation of oral English language proficiency as evidenced by one of the following:

· Texas Education Agency regulations for certification states that a candidate must meet a passing score of 26 on the oral portion of the TOFEL-iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language - Internet Based Test). You must take all four portions (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) for your score to be calculated. To have scores submitted directly to TEA use the agency code 8225.

· Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution of higher education in the United States

· Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution of higher education outside the United States where the primary language of instruction was English

An original, detailed report or course-by-course evaluation for professional licensing of all college-level credits

· Must be prepared by a foreign credential evaluation service recognized by TEA. The evaluation must be signed by an authorized representative of the evaluation service and must verify that the applicant:

o holds the equivalent of a bachelor's degree granted by an accredited institution of higher education in the United States, including the month, day, and year that the degree was conferred

o has completed an educator preparation program, including a teaching practicum, and

o hold an appropriate educator certificate or credential issued by another country, including the effective date and validity period of the certificate, certification area(s), and grade level(s)

§ https://www.spantran.com/

§ http://www.wes.org/

An original written statement provided by the authorized licensing agency in the issuing country

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